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Transfer Records to CD, Convert Record to Computer Files


Digital Copycat Record Transfer to CD

"Preserving delicate recordings in digital format forever".

Let us transfer your gramophone records to CD or computer files, and preserve your precious memories in digital format forever.

Records are still the first recorded media format that most people grew up with and enjoyed, and that includes us! Now you can prevent further wear and tear to your irreplaceable records with the modern convenience of playing a CD or file.

All our record conversions are carefully performed by us 'in house' at our studios.

With our commitment for providing a professional quality service, you can be assured that your priceless records are in safe hands. We know you will be delighted by the results.

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Records to CD

Enjoy the benefits of listening to your records on CD. The CD's will feature seperate tracks for each side of the record. The tracks will allow you to select a record side with ease. Each CD will accomodate up to one hour and twenty minutes.

Records to Computer Files

We can convert your records to editable computer files including WAV (for Windows), AIFF (for MAC) or MP3. Each record side will be saved as an individual audio file. The files are ready to play on your computer or laptop, and are ideal for storage, or for importing into your computer editing software to create your own CD's.

The digital files can be supplied to you on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, memory stick or card.

CD Presentation

The disc(s) are attractively printed, and presented in CD jewel cases, together with an index cover. Additional CD copies can also be ordered.

How We Transfer Records

The records are carefully cleaned as required prior to transfer. We use professional transcription record decks, and constantly monitor the record transfer to CD or audio files as it progresses. This enables us to make adjustments including sound levels as required.

tape transfer monitoring
transfer records to cd

Competitive Prices

We can convert records at speeds 78rpm, 45rpm, 33 1/3rpm and 16rpm. Record formats including LP's, albums, EP's (extended play), singles, 45's, 78's.

Wether you choose to transfer records to CD or computer files, the same low price applies. 78's are £8.00 each, LP's are £20.00 each and singles are £6.00 each.

Digital Audio Cleaning

We can sometimes improve the sound quality and reduce background noise with special audio cleaning computer software. This process can be particularly effective at reducing crackles, pops and static on vinyl records.

audio cleaning
customer testimonial

Customers Feedback

Subject: Transfer Records to CD

It was good to meet you yesterday. A word of thanks for the marvellous job you did in transferring my late father's 78s to digital format. As I write these words I am listening to songs that are not merely sentimental memories from my own past but are important historical records in their own right from a crucial period.
Thanks again.
Best, Anthony

Old Record Transfer

Package arrived safely and I am listening to it now - thank-you. I know the record was in pretty poor shape - it is 50 years old after all !!! My mum and her brother set up this choir and I have done this to celebrate my mum's 80th birthday - she will be delighted to remember singing this (she was the solo soprano by the way) and to be able to listen to herself.
With kind regards

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High Wycombe, Bracknell, Windsor, Newbury, London in counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey.

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