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Transfer Tape Reel to CD, Convert Audio Tapes to CD Computer Files

Audio Reels

Digital Copycat Audio Reel Transfer

Reminiscing "has never sounded better".

Let us transfer your reel to reel tapes to CD or computer files, and preserve your precious memories in digital format forever.

With several decades of experience producing and editing audio tape recordings, we started copying reel to reel tapes when it was popular to have them transferred to cassette. During this time both formats were still being used in domestic enviroments and Hi Fi set ups.

All our tape reel conversions are carefully performed by us 'in house' at our studios.

With our commitment for providing a professional quality service, you can be assured that your priceless audio reels are in safe hands. We know you will be delighted by the results.

Reel to Reel to CD

Enjoy the benefits of listening to your audio tapes on CD. The CD's will feature seperate tracks for each side of the tape. The tracks will allow you to select a recording without having to fast forward or rewind, as you had to with the tape. Each CD will accomodate up to one hour and twenty minutes.

Reel to Reel to Computer Files

We can convert reels of audio tape to WAV (for Windows), AIFF (for MAC) or MP3. Each tape side will usually be saved as an individual audio file. The files will be ready to play on your computer or laptop, and are ideal for storage, or for importing into your computer editing software to create your own CD's.

The digital files are supplied to you on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, memory stick or card.

CD Presentation

The disc(s) are attractively printed, and presented in CD jewel cases, together with an index cover. Additional CD copies can also be ordered.

reel to reel to cd
tape transfer monitoring

How We Transfer Audio Reels

We use professional players, and constantly monitor the tape transfer to CD or audio files as it progresses.

We occasionally encounter individual tapes with varying recording speeds and/or track configurations, and by monitoring the transfer we can adjust these settings, and also sound levels as required. We may also pause the transfer if any very long blank sections are encountered, you are only charged for the recorded time.

Competitive Prices

We can convert domestic and studio format 1/4" open reels of audio tape. All reel sizes, playback speeds and track configurations are catered for.

Wether you choose to transfer audio reels to CD or computer files, the same low price applies. For your domestic home recorded tapes we charge per recorded hour rather than per tape. Some tapes, after all, may only contain a few minutes.

The running times of each recording from your tape(s) are added together, to determine the total running time of your order. Transfer price to any one format costs only £20.00 per recorded hour.

Studio tapes are priced at £20.00 per reel.

transfer audio reel tape
professional audio reel

Studio Audio Reels

We use two and four track professional Revox and Teac machines to transfer your 1/4" studio recorded tapes.

Sticky Shed Syndrome

A problem we are experiencing ever increasingly with open reel studio tapes, particularly from the 1970's and '80s. The tapes absorb moisture and become sticky. The solution is for us to expertly dry out or 'bake' them.

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Customers Feedback

Subject: Reel to Reel Tape

Digital CD copies of my old reel to reel tape recording received and played. The digital CDs have excellent sound quality. I am exceptionaly pleased with the result.
Best Regards. Trevor

Open Reel Tape Conversion

When I found an old 6" reel to reel tape in my attic - I had no means of hearing the content. I dug out my old Tape Recorder with great anticipation until I realised it's works had seized up. Thanks to Digital Copycat I have just received over 6 hours of 'nostalgia' transferred from my 40 year old tape to 8 new CDs. An absolutely brilliant service.
Thank you so much.

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